If you apply anywhere for a job and you would like to know what is the status of your application we can help you. Are you still considered for the job or there is another candidate who is already shortlisted or hired for the position? We will collect this answer directly from the employer and will deliver it to you. 

You can track your job application by submitting to us the link (url) of the job ad:

A/ from the initial screen

B/ from your profile

and you can Copy (select all and ctll+c) the link from your browser:

and paste it in JobZeeker:

IMPORTANT: Share your salary expectation if you want to enable our service which will compare your salary expectations to the ones of the others. No shared information, no comparison.

This salary information will be visible only to you and the employer to whom you are applying. 

This is what you and other applications would see when the salary information is shared: